B2 Health Care Specialized Courses for Non-Academic Health Care Occupations

Together with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the Federal Employment Agency and the Job Centres, we are offering the specialized professional language course B2 for Non-Academic Health Care Occupations.

As a course participant in the specialized course for Non-Academic Health Care Occupations you’d like to obtain your licence to practice in a Health Care Occupation or you are doing an apprenticeship in a Health Care Occupation and are planning on working afterwards.

You speak a native tongue other than German and you’d like to have your occupational German tested.

Then visit our language course.

You can therefore attend the course, if you

have a certificate of general oder professional knowledge of German at language level B1 (a certificate of attendance is not sufficient),

would like to submit or have submitted an application to the relevant authorities for recognition or testing of your knowledge in (geriatric, medical and paediatric) nursing, maternity care or physiotherapy,

have made an apprenticeship in your native country as (medical, geriatric and paediatric) nurse, midwife or physical therapist

already work as a nursing assistant or assistant in a health care occupation

plan on working after apprenticeship as (medical, geriatric and paediatric) nurse, midwife or physical therapist

The language course takes 600 lessons. It deals with topics such as informal and formal conversational settings, be it with residents, patients and relatives (interests, admission, counselling etc.), or with colleagues and doctors (handover, medication, expert opinions, nursing planning and documentation etc.).

The course ends with the telc test Deutsch Pflege B1-B2, a language exam tailored to health care occupations. As a participant in the language course, you will be intensively prepared for this.

Further information can be found on our Facebook page Deutsch für Pflegekräfte.


! Important notes !:

  • Participants who do not earn more than20.000€ per year (for those who are jointly assessed: 40.000€) do not have to pay a course fee!

  • For the assessment of your knowledge of German, both language certificates (not older than 6 months) and certificates of participation in special professional language courses (not older than 6 months) are taken into account.

  • In the case of irregular participation, we are under a duty to inform the BAMF that your successful completion of the course is at risk.

  • As a participant, you will also receive a travel allowance if you receive benefits in accordance with Social Code Book 8 (SGB, Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz) and are otherwise entitled to benefits in accordance with the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG).

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