Our exam center offers you certified telc-exams at all levels according to the European Common Framework for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR is divided into 6 different internationally comparable language skill levels:

A1 and A2: Basic User

B1 and B2: Independent User

C1 and C2: Proficient User

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>>> Download Prüfungstermine telc

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The most common types of audits are shown below:

German Test for Immigrants

German Test for Immigrants A2-B1 (DTZ) is the right examination for you if you need a proof of your language skills for naturalization in Germany. BAMF-Integration Courses end with this examination. However, also other candidates in Germany are welcome to take this exam.

Download Prüfungstermine DTZ

telc German A1

Do you need a proof of your “basic German”, because you need a visa for moving in with your spouse? The telc German A1 certificate is recognized by the German Embassy.

telc German B2 / telc German B1-B2 Business

This examination is intended for candidates who want to finish a vocational school in Germany and receive their professional recognition or are looking for a job position in Germany.

Telc German B2 proves general knowledge of German at an advanced level.

Telc German B2 Business is a job-related examination that proves your job-related language skills of German.

Telc German B1-B2 Business tests your job-related German knowledge at both levels.

telc German B1-B2 Nursing

This is a specialized exam for positions in nursing and health care. It is intended for candidates who need a professional recognition in the health care field and possess language skills at the B1 or B2 level. The course is specialized to cover the important topics in grammar and vocabulary in this field on B1 and B2 level.

telc German C1 / telc German B2-C1 Business

This exam is intended for adults that need a professional recognition of their academic studies and aim for highly qualified job positions in Germany. They also need proof of their German language skills.

Telc German C1 proves general knowledge of German at an advanced level.

Telc German B2-C1 Business tests your job-related German knowledge at both levels.

telc German B2-C1 Medcine

This is an exam that proves your knowledge of German on B2 and C1 level. It proves your specialized German knowledge for doctors from foreign countries and allows you to receive your doctor license in Germany.

telc German C1 Hochschule

The telc-C1 Hochschule exam is intended for participants who want to study at a German high school or university. Since 12 February 2016, Telc certificate German C1 Hochschule is recognized by all German universities.




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