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In times of globalization and digitalization, smooth communication is the key to success. Therefore, we offer modular and industry-specific German courses for companies, hospitals and nursing homes that employ foreign professionals.

The aim is to impart linguistic and intercultural competences to make your employees fit for formal and informal (professional) communication. The specific course contents are determined according to your wishes. You decide on duration, timing and scope. We will design a schedule tailored towards previous knowledge and selected key topics, which will quickly lead you to your goal. On the basis of four steps, we will work with you to develop a program adjusted to your requirements:

1. Identification

The first step is to determine the training needs of your employees. Together with you, we will determine the skills to be focused on, for example:

- (Professional) Vocabulary

- Grammar

- Debate

- Written expression

- Intercultural competency

Furthermore, a focus on certain areas can be made:

- Oral and written, formal or informal communication with clients or with patients and residents as well as their relatives

- Oral and written, formal or informal professional communication with colleagues or employees

2. Concept

The second step is the creation of the curriculum, taking into account company and personal requirements. In this process, the courses can be configured according to various parameters, including:

- Selection and composition of relevant course modules

- Definition of the format: individual or group course

- Determination of intensity: full-time or part-time course

- Choice of location: At your premises (in-house lessons), at our premises in Nuremberg or as an online language course (video conference)

Furthermore, we will support you in the selection and application for financial support. These are usually provided by Germany or the EU and can cover large parts of the costs incurred.

3. Implementation

The third component is the organization and implementation of the previously agreed curriculum. Our certified lecturers have years of experience in teaching industry-specific content. In doing so, our teachers ensure that all lessons are well-balanced and focus on the promotion of the competences defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). General and professional language skills are taught using an action-oriented approach, which ensures that the participants can smoothly transfer what they have learned into their everyday work.

4. Evaluation

The verification of the acquired skills is the fourth component of the successful completion of the program. The participants will take a telc exam and receive a well-recognized telc language certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

For your company, telc certificates have the advantage that the language skills of your employees become measurable, which is an incentive both for them and for us as the course provider. Thus, if a participant successfully passes the exam, you can be sure that your employees are well prepared for communicative situations by participating in our courses.

Furthermore, telc certificates are a prerequisite for professional recognition in Germany. For example, foreign nursing staff who have previously worked as nursing assistants can be employed as nursing specialists after passing the exam and obtaining the required recognition.

We are happy to provide you with further information and explain our offer in more detail. Please contact us here.

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