German C1 Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists

With our German courses of the special module academic health professions you can prepare professionally and effectively for the professional language examination (Fachsprachenprüfung – FSP). If you are a doctor, dentist or pharmacist, are in the process of having your foreign professional qualification recognized and intend to take an examination to prove your professional language skills, then this language course is just the right thing for you!

You are an immigrant with first languages other than German and

- have a degree in human medicine, dentistry or pharmacy from your home country,

- have a certificate of general or subject-specific German language skills at language level B2 (a certificate of attendance is not sufficient),

- aspire to work as a doctor, dentist or pharmacist in Germany,

- intend to submit an application to the respective state authorities to obtain your license (Approbation) as part of the recognition of your profession in Germany.

In the special module "Academic Health Professions", general and specialist language skills in the medical, dental or pharmaceutical context are taught, i.e. on the basis of topics that are particularly relevant to the areas of expert/expert-patient/patient-communication, communication in the team and documentation. Specific course contents are for example: Admitting patients (taking anamnesis), presenting patients and their medical history both in writing and orally, taking into account the medical terminology (written and oral communication with colleagues), making diagnoses (physical examination, laboratory tests, instrumental examinations) and informing patients about them, recommending and justifying therapies and using German terms and medical terminology appropriate to the situation.

The special module concludes with the specialist language examination (Fachsprachenprüfung – FSP) required to obtain your license in Germany. In this language course, you will be intensively prepared for this examination.

Course Characteristics:

- Duration: 600 lessons (approx. 6 months)

- Schedule: Monday - Friday, 4 to 5 lessons daily (morning, afternoon or evening)

- Style: On-site training or online language course (video conference)

- Participants: From 3 persons or more

- Target level: C1 (telc Deutsch B2/C1 Medizin, Fachsprachenprüfung – FSP)

- Price: Free of charge (funded by BAMF or BA) or proportionate contribution to costs (2,56 € per lesson)

Job-related language courses: Course/examination overview

Do you want to register for this course or do you have any questions? We are looking forward to your messages! Please contact us here.

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