German B2 Healthcare Professionals

Would you like to have your healthcare degree recognized in Germany or are you currently attending training in a healthcare profession and would like to work in Germany afterwards? Then join our language course for healthcare professionals!

You can attend this course if you

- have a certificate of general or professional German language skills at language level B1 (a certificate of attendance is not sufficient),

- have submitted or wish to submit an application to the relevant authorities for recognition or examination of your knowledge in health care, nursing care, geriatric care, pediatric care, maternity assistance or physiotherapy,

- have undergone training in your home country in health care, nursing care, geriatric care, pediatric care, maternity care or physiotherapy,

- already work as a nursing assistant or assistant in a healthcare profession,

- would like to work as a nurse and healthcare worker, delivery assistant or physiotherapist in Germany after your training as a nurse and healthcare worker.

This course deals with topics such as informal communication with patients and relatives (admission, counselling etc.) or professional communication with colleagues and doctors (handover, prescriptions, expert opinions, nursing planning and documentation etc.).

The course concludes with the telc Deutsch B1/B2 Pflege exam, a language test tailored to the nursing profession. As a participant in this language course, you will be intensively prepared for it.

Course Characteristics:

- Duration: 600 teaching units (approx. 6 months)

- Schedule: Monday - Friday, 4 to 5 lessons daily (morning, afternoon or evening)

- Style: On-site training or online language course (video conference)

- Participants: 3-12 persons

- Target level: B2 (telc Deutsch B2/C1 Pflege)

- Price: Free of charge (funded by BAMF or BA) or proportionate contribution to costs (2,56€ per teaching unit)

Job-related language courses: Course/examination overview

Do you want to register for this course or do you have any questions? We are looking forward to your messages! Please contact us here.

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